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This site is devoted to the stoneware hunting jugs also called Toby Jugs in Royal Doulton catalogues. The information is largely from observation of jugs in my personal possession or seen elsewhere.

Makers names very rarely appear on early jugs and only intermittently during the second half of the 19th century with the exception of Doulton, which seems to have marked most of its later production. Even the common twentieth century jugs from Bourne of Denby are rarely marked with that name.

The intention is to try to identify the products of individual factories from common features and characteristics. I am doing it as a web site to enable me to best organise my ideas. If you have any comments feel free to contact me at If you have a collection of jugs I would be very interested to have details because there are lots of variations out there.

I will, for the time being concentrate on 19th and 20th century jugs as the early ones have been better covered in books (and they are very expensive nowadays!).

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3-Nov-2020 New article (by Jon Baldwin) on Belper Pottery added to Denby. Display new article.
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