Unidentified Maker 5 - Bristol/Chesterfield?

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A series of sprigged lead glazed? earthenware? jugs with large grotesque faces. The body might suggest Bristol or even Staffordshire but the sprigs are much closer to those on Derbyshire (Brampton/Chesterfield) salt glazed wares.

We associate the Briddons with high quality (often signed) honey coloured salt glaze but they also made bricks (Freebody's Directory 1852) and a lead glazed earthenware copy of the well known monkey jug (made in stoneware in both Staffordshire and Denby) is known with a label indicating manufacture (1850) at the Walton pottery, which is presumed to be that of William Briddon.

½ Pint

1 pint

1 pint (private collection)

1½ pint

2 pint

2 pint

2 pint (Brighton Museum)

These jugs are probably from the same source as another series of earthenware jugs and tankards with reeded necks.

1 oz

¼ pint

½ pint (Brighton Museum)

¾ pint (private collection)

¾ pint

1 pint (Minet Library, Lambeth)

1.5 pints

4 pints

8-10 pints, height 250mm (private collection)

1 pint tankard (private collection)

Quart (private collection)