Besant, Annie
Brewer, J. Norris
Brown, C. A.
Brown, Charlie Jnr.
Crory, W. Glenny
Flintham, David
G., A. C.
Greenwood, James [about the author]
H., H. C.
H., T.
Higgins, Robert McR.
Hollingshead, John
Jamrach, Charles
Jones, Rev. Harry
Maddocks, Sydney [about the author]
Mayhew, Henry
Miller, Thomas
Morrison, Arthur G.
Phelps, Miss Sydney K.
Ritchie, J. Ewing
Royden, Kingsley
S., B. M.
Sala, George Augustus
Sims, George R. [about the author]
Timbs, John
Walker, Henry