I. Sunday in East London

II. Whitechapel

The following chapters will be gradually added over the next few months:

III. George Yard, Whitechapel

IV. King Edward Mission

V. Spitalfields

VI. Shoreditch and Bethnal Green West

VII. The Tower Hamlets and Mile End Road

VIII. Bow and Bromley

IX. Stepney

X. St. George's East and the London Docks

XI. Ratcliff Highway Again

XII. Victoria Park


THESE chapters are the record of a series of visits in the years 1894-95 to the districts they describe. The pictures given of life as it is lived to-day in London's vast Eastern Hemisphere are accompanied with some account of the newer problems which now confront the Christian social worker, and also of the newer resources and methods which have been developed in order to meet them. The contrast which the writer is able to make between the East London of forty years since and that of to-day may be as new to the present generation as it is startling to himself. May the evidences of great social and religious progress which he has brought together help to lighten the burden and animate the spirits of present-day workers in this consecrated seed-field in their times of difficulty and discouragement! Happily, the workers of to-day have still among them those of both sexes whose names are an inspiration to fellow - labourers in all lands where the English language is spoken. May these brief memoirs, notwithstanding their inevitable omissions and shortcomings, be taken as a tribute and a 'God-speed' to all those East London yokefellows whom the writer has been privileged to meet with in his visits, as well as to those whom having not seen he yet knows in the spirit!

Henry Walker