Meet Charles II of Limehouse
Taken from an almanac and tide table issued from The Blue Posts by Charlie Brown Jnr. in 1936.
Spitalfields Mathematical Society.
 History of Clubs & Club Life, John Timbs, 1872.
A visit to "Tiger Bay"
The Wilds of London by James Greenwood, 1874.
Whitechapel and Houndsditch (Rag Fair)
Picturesque Sketches of London by Thomas Miller 1852.
The London Docks
Picturesque Sketches of London by Thomas Miller 1852.
Victoria Park
Article from "What I saw in London", by David W. Bartlett. Published 1852 in Auburn, Connecticut. The book describes the American author's experiences in London during two twelve month visits to London in 1847/8 (then aged only19) and 1850/1.
My struggle with a tiger
Article from "The Boy's Own Paper", by Charles Jamrach. Published 1879. The article describes an incident, some years earlier, where he rescued a boy from an escaped tiger..
East London Opium Smokers
From: "London Society", July 1868. Author not recorded. Interesting for its relaxed attitude to drug taking.