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Virtual Tours around Tower Hamlets circa 1914.

Bromley-by-Bow to Mile End 'The Peoples Palace'.

This map based walk allows you to select an area of the walk by clicking on a colour zoned map. Another map, showing a greater level of detail is then displayed. Red arrows and discs indicate places on this map where photographic views are available. These arrows and discs may be clicked to view the images. Hold the cursor over the arrow or disc to get a description of the image. The arrows are placed in the same position as the camera and point directly towards the viewpoint. The discs represent interior views of the building at that location.

The small maps, associated with most pictures, represent the position of the camera with a red disc. The bounds of the view are shown by red lines. The camera positions are close estimates, as the camera itself is never visible in the view.

All maps are based on the Ordnance Survey maps of the 1914 issue.

The photographs are all taken from postcards dated between 1906 and 1914. 

Many of the views have an associated 'modern' view. If present, click the grey button immediately under the title. To return to the old view click the matching grey button in the 'modern' view.

This site is best viewed at a resolution of 1024x768. Use of the blue navigation buttons at the bottom of each page, rather than the browser's navigation buttons is recommended.

The London Hospital.

Take a tour around The London Hospital as it used to be. Chose between Interior views, Exterior views and Plans/Maps. The images date from pre WW1 to the 1930s.

Victoria Park.

See the main sights of Victoria Park as they were before The First World War and as they are now, from the same viewpoints.