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Victoria Park

Following recent improvements in the park, many of the 'present' views are outdated. The outdated views will be replaced soon.

A series of 'Past' and 'Present' images of Victoria Park may be selected from the map on this page.

The red circles indicate locations of the images. Holding the cursor over a red circle will cause the name of the image to be displayed. Clicking with the mouse will display the image. Use the Browsers BACK button to return to the map.

Note: When the image has been displayed you should be able to change rapidly backwards and forwards between the past and present by moving the cursor. When the cursor is directly over the image the present image is displayed. When the cursor is moved outside the image area the past image is displayed.

Map Row 1a Map Row 1b
Map Row 2a Map Row 2b
Map Row 3a Map Row 3b