The first issue was made by The East Ham School Board, between 1898 and 1904. The second issue was made by The East Ham Education Authority, between 1904 and 1908. The last known issue of medals was made in 1909 following the introduction of a new prize scheme. A table showing the known issues is shown below. Illustrations of the medals follow the table. The final section of this page contains information abstracted from the local archives.

Issuer Dates Metal Obverse Type Reverse type
E.H.S.B. 1896 - 1904 Bronze 1 1
E.H.S.B. 1898 - 1904 Silver 1 1
E.H.S.B. 1899 - 1904 Silver Gilt 1 1
E.H.E.A. 1904 - 1905 Bronze 2 2
E.H.E.A. 1904 - 1905 Silver 2 2
E.H.E.A. 1904 - 1905 Silver Gilt 2 2
E.H.E.A. 1905 - 1908 Bronze 3 2
E.H.E.A. 1907 - 1908 Gun Metal 3 # 2 #
E.H.E.A. 1905 - 1908 Silver 3 2
E.H.E.A. 1905 - 1908 Silver Gilt 3 2
E.H.E.A. 1909 Bronze 1st (in) Class N1 N1
E.H.E.A. 1909 Bronze 2nd (in) Class N1 N1
E.H.E.A 1909 Bronze 3rd (in) Class N1 N1
E.H.E.A. 1910 Silver (1st in Class) N2 N2
# This medal is recorded in the minutes, but may or may not exist.


Obverse 1 Obverse 2
Obverse 3
Obverse 2 Has 'COMMITTEE' underneath the word 'AUTHORITY'.

Reverse 1 Reverse 2
Medals issued under New Prize Scheme of 1908
Obverse N1 Reverse N1
Obverse N2 Reverse N2



Abstracts from the minutes of the East Ham School Board 1896 - 1903.

May 11th 1896.

A letter from Messrs Vaughton & Sons of Birmingham was read tendering as follows for Bronze medals.

For 500 and clip 8 pence each. For 1000 and clip 6 pence each. For 500 with holes and rings 6 pence each. For 1000 with holes and rings 4½ pence each. Cases at 5 pence each.

Proposed that the Board order 1,000 medals at 4½ pence each. Six in favour of resolution, two against, resolution carried.

May 27th. 1895.

It was decided that medals should be awarded for all possible attendances less one. Decided to get costs and information.

July 15th. 1895

Several specimens shown to the committee. It was decided to seek a design suitable to the district, and to purchase dies for the medals.

October 28th. 1895.

The clerk produced a design for a medal, the work of Mr. 'R'. The design was generally approved, but to obtain the best it was decided that designs be invited from residents of the Borough, a sum of two guineas to be paid for the one selected. Advertisements were to be placed in the 'Stratford Express' or 'Barking Advertiser'.

November 18th. 1895.

In reference to the Medal Competition for perfect attendance the clerk produced five designs put in by the following:- T.H Howe, W.E. Strong, M. Dubensky, J Reindorp, Miss E.M. Dennison. Resolved unanimously to adopt design of J. Reindorp of 9 Wordsworth Avenue.

November 25th. 1895.

Finished design was laid before the committee. It was decided that the size and thickness of the medal to be about the same as a five shilling piece. Price to be obtained by the clerk.


Medal contractor was A St. Darby.

Medal Images
School Board - Bronze Medal - 1896 to 1903
School Board - Silver Medal - 1898 to 1903
School Board - Silver Gilt Medal - 1899 to 1903

Abstracts from the minutes of The East Ham Education Authority. 1904 - 1910.

March 14th 1904.

Alteration of design to 'East Ham Education Authority' and coat of arms of the council.

October 1904.

Price of School Reward Cards increased from 3/6 to 4/6 per 1000 cards. It was noted that an increase an attendance of 1 percent gives an extra £400 from the Government Grant.

November 21st. 1904.

Tender for attendance cards accepted from E. S. A. at 3/6 per 1000 cards.

January 21st. 1907.

A new tender was received from A. H. Darby.

1st year Bronze 3½ pence each.
2nd year Gun metal 3½ pence each.
3rd year Silver 4 shillings each.
4th year Silver Gilt 4 shillings 3 pence each.
5th year Silver Gilt 4 shillings 3 pence each.
Case to hold five medals 5 shillings six pence each.

Tender accepted.

July 24th 1907.

Resolved that. regulations 98 and 99 of the regulations for the management of Day Schools, respecting the award of medals for perfect attendance, be rescinded, taking effect at the end of the current financial school year in the case of each school. Resolution passed by twelve votes to one.

September 9th. 1907.

Resolved to recommend in the case of Manor Park School that medals be awarded for school year ended 30th September 1908.

October 7th. 1907.

The Prizes sub-committee resolved to adopt a new prize scheme due to the discontinuation of medals.

November 11th. 1907.

As part of the new prize scheme medals will be issued to the first, second and third placed child in each class.

February 10th. 1908.

Tenders received from:-

J. Spinks and Sons. Education Schools Association.
Messrs. D. G. Collins Ltd.
Messrs. Brooks and Adams Ltd.
Messrs. George and Gibbons.
Messrs. A. H. Darby.
Messrs. Wright and Sons. (Author: this was the winning bid)

May 30th. 1910.

Tenders for a First prize medal received from:-

A. George and Co.
D. G. Collins Ltd.
R. Neal.
J. R. Gaunt and Son Ltd.
Brooks and Adams.
Soho Scientific Instrument Co.
Spink and Son.
Wright and Son.

Examined a specimen silver medal with ribbon and double bar attachment. Cost 2 shillings.

The tender of A George and Company was accepted.  

Medal Images
Education Authority - Bronze Medal 1904 to 1908
Education Authority - Silver Medal 1904 to 1908
Education Authority - Silver Gilt Medal - 1904 to 1908
Education Authority - Bronze Merit Medal - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in class - 1909 only
Education Authority - Silver Merit Medal for 1st in class - 1910 only
Education Committee - Monthly Reward Card - 19x12.5cm