There are are two main issues of medals. The first issue, from circa 1897 to 1903, is for The Barking School Board. Some of the dates for the School Board are conjectural, due to a lack of observed specimens. The second issue, for 1904 only, is for The Barking Education Committee. The table, below, shows the medal varieties known to the author. 

Issuer Dates Metal Obverse type Reverse type Words engraved
B.S.B. 1897 Bronze 1 1  
B.S.B. 1898 - 1903 White Metal 1 1  
B.S.B. 1898 - 1903 White Metal 1 2  
B.S.B 1903 White Metal 1 3 'YEAR 1903'
B.S.B 1897 - 1903 Silver 1 2  
B.S.B. 1903 Silver 1 3 'YEARS 1901-1902-1903'
B.E.C. 1904 White Metal 2  
B.E.C. 1904 Silver 2 4  
It seems likely that reverse 4 is made from the same die as reverse 3, but with the words "During The School" erased from the medal.


Obverse 1 Obverse 2
Obverse Type 1 Obverse Type 2
Reverse 1 Reverse 2
Reverse Type 1 Reverse Type 2
Reverse 3 Reverse 4
Reverse Type 3 Reverse Type 4


Abstracts from the minutes of the Barking School Board 1898 to 1903.

Monday 21St of March 1898 - Requisitions subcommittee.


The Clerk submitted a white metal school attendance medal which Mr. Restall of Birmingham is prepared to supply without cases at the charge of 15/= per gross. Resolved that medal as per sample submitted be presented to each child throughout the school who has made an unbroken attendance during the school year.

April 13th 1898 - School Management Committee.


A letter from Mr. Restall stating that extra charges for supplying cases for medals, attaching ribbons, engraving names, etc. Resolved that the medals be supplied with a ribbon attached to each instead of with cases.


Medal Images
School Board - Bronze/Bronzed medal of 1897 - Ebay - Makers Specimen?
School Board - White Metal - Year 1 medal
School Board - Silver - medal

Abstracts from the minutes of the Barking Education Committee 1904.


School medals & Certificates.

The committee recommends that a new die for school attendance medals be ordered, similar in design to the one formerly used by the School Board, but with the words ‘Barking Education Committee’ substituted for ‘Barking School Board’, on same; and also that the Secretary be empowered to select and order School Certificates of a stock pattern.


Medals for attendance.

The question of discontinuing the award of attendance medals has been referred to the Salaries subcommittee.

May 12 1904 - Report of the Salaries subcommittee.

Medals for Attendance.

The committee have considered the question of rewards for school attendance and they recommend that the allowance of medals, watches, etc, which have hitherto been awarded for unbroken attendance be discontinued.

Mr Doulton's application for silver medals for nine boys who failed to make their attendance during three consecutive years has been considered and the Committee recommended that the application be refused.

Medal Images
Education Committee - White Metal medal
Education Committee - Silver medal