There are are two known types of medals issued by the Ilford School Board. The first type, a flower design, was issued from 1898 to 1901. The second type, an Art-Nouveau design, was made by the prominent silversmith 'William Hair Haseler'. About this time - Haseler formed a partnership with Liberty of Regent Street to manufacture the Tudric and Cymric ranges. Haseler also produced silver objects from the designs of Archibald Knox. It is therefore possible that this medal is a Knox design.

Issuer Dates Metal Obverse type Reverse type
I.S.B. 1898-1901 Silver 1 1
I.S.B. 1902 Silver 2 2


Obverse 1 Obverse 2
Reverse 1 Reverse 2


Abstracts from the minutes of the Ilford School Board 1897 to 1902.


Mr Church pursuant to the recommendation of the General Purposes Committee moved that prizes be given to the scholars for the most regular attendance after the 28th February 1898.


Your Committee recommend that the scheme proposed by Mr. Church for giving prizes to the scholars be referred to a Committee consisting of the Chairman of managers of the Committees of the whole of the schools.


Your committee having considered the policy of giving medals to the scholars for the best attendance at the respective schools recommend that the giving of medals be discontinued after the end of the current school year.

General Purposes Committee.


Your committee further adjourned the question of discontinuing the policy of giving medals to the scholars and of substituting some other suitable form of prizes.

The Cleveland Committee.


Your committee recommend that Mrs. Lane be informed with regard to her application as to medals, that the Board have decided not to give medals after February 1902. We and Mrs. Lane reported that 66 boys and 62 girls are entitled to medals.


From Mr. A Kemp, Miss Hughes and Miss Cooke, with list of medallists for Downshill School, - Referred to the Downshall Committee. Mr. Cadness having objected to medals of a different design to those previously obtained having been ordered for Cleveland Road Schools from Chas. Taylor, the Chairman produced a minute of the Board adopting the Cleveland Committees’ recommendation in this respect.

The Chadwell & Downshall Committee


Your Committee recommend that 39 medals, as per list, be ordered at once from Mr. Taylor.

Downshall Schools.

Your Committee recommend: That 6 medals be ordered for the boys and 5 for the girls as per list.


Medal Images
School Board - Silver Medal - 1898 to 1902
School Board - Silver Medal - 1902 only
Ilford Council Education Committee - Certificate replacing medals.