The Collectors Circle is a small group of collectors (of many varied objects) living in London. is pleased to provide a web presence for the Collectors Circle where they can publish their collections, in whole or in part.

For greater security - only the initials of the members will be displayed. If you wish to make any comments or suggestion please use the email address below. All messages will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

The ‘CC’ have decided to place copyright of all images in the Public Domain.

Collector Link to website Description
H.M. Portraits of the Poor An album of images of elderly poor people by Walter Noah Malby of Chichester. Probably intended as an entry in a Photographic Competition.
H.M. Coin Brooches A collection of Brooches made from coins.
H.M. English, and Welsh, Vineyards A collection of wine labels from English and Welsh made wines from the late 1970s to mid 1980s.
J.S. Reduced Kent Map of 1807 A detailed view of a very scarce map of Kent published, by Faden, in 1807, from Mudge's Ordnance Survey master plan in the Tower.
H.M. Irish Sweepstakes Tickets An illustrated listing of most Irish Sweepstakes Tickets. These featured, after the first few years, portraits of idealised Irish women in old-style Irish costume.
M.D. Guernsey 1812 A detailed view of a unique military survey map of Guernsey circa 1812.
J.M. Costume 1796 Coloured illustrations of the costumes worn by members of the French Revolutionary Government in 1796.
J.M. Eiffel Tower 1889 An original metre tall poster showing details of the Eiffel Tower. An official souvenir from 1889.
J.S. Plastics Collectables A collection of moulded plastic parasol handles and paper knives.
J.S. Whichwood Forest Map A coloured map of the Whichwood (or Wychwood) Forest in West Oxfordshire as it was in 1815.
J.M. Paris 1813 A map, created from an 1813 pocket atlas of Paris. This shows the city at the time of Napoleon.
P.M. Tower Hamlets Crested Ware Some examples of ‘Crested Ware’ porcelain souvenirs from The London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
H.M. The Rose of Ramsgate A folded and cut-out card rose decorated with engraved views of Ramsgate and Margate (1860s).