The American Zylonite Company


500 BC. Ancient Greeks use 'Xylo' prefix to denote objects made of wood.
1813 Birth of Alexander Parkes.
1829 Birth of Levi Parsons Merriam.
1832 Birth of Daniel Spill.
1837 Birth of John Wesley Hyatt.
1838 Xyloidin first produced - in France.
1845 Nitro-Cellulose (Xyloidine) invented - in Germany.
1862 Alexander Parkes first exhibits Parkesine at the International Exhibition.
1864 Agreement to manufacture Parkesine at Daniel Spills factory in Hackney.
1866 Parkesine Company floated with Daniel Spill as the General Manager.
1868 Parkesine Company wound up. Most of the assets bought by Daniel Spill.
1869 Spill registers the Xylonite Company Limited.
1869 Both Spill and Hyatt register basic patents on the same day (June 15th).
1869 Spill registers US patent dealing with use of camphor as a solvent (November 30th)
1870 Spill registers US patent covering entire production process (March 22)
1872 The 'Celluloid Manufacturing Company' formed by the Hyatts.
1876 Daniel Spill leaves for the USA to contest patents with the Hyatts.
1877 The 'British Xylonite Company Limited' formed with Levi Parsons Merriam as managing director. The new company takes over Daniel Spill's patents.
1880 Spill loses case against the Celluloid Company and considers selling 'his' patents.
1880 L.P. Merriam licences use of 'Spill' patents (see 1869/1870) to L.L. Brown.
1881 L.L. Brown Forms the 'American Zylonite Company' with capital of $750,000.
1883 The 'Zylonite Comb & Brush Co'. formed with capital of $100,000.
1883 The 'Zylonite Collar & Cuff Co.' formed.
1883 Marketing of the first products.
1884 Zylonite Novelty Co. formed with capital of $100,000.
1885 American Zylonite Company employs 500 people and is a rival to the Celluloid Manufacturing Company.
1890 American Zylonite Company in serious financial difficulties.
1890 American Zylonite Company bought by the Celluloid Company.
1891 Production ceases and factory closed in January. All equipment moved to Celluloid Company factory in Newark.