Someone in the Tower Hamlets Local History Library, at some time, cut up 18th and 19th century journals - the Gentleman's Magazine and the Illustrated London News conspicuous among them - and stuck any references to the Tower Hamlets area onto cards. These are now in the cuttings collection, mostly under the parish subject numbers. I am working my way through these short items and will be gradually building them into a series of Miscellanies.

Annoyingly, whoever did it rarely made a note of where the cutting came from; usually there's just the year. So, in most cases, that is all the information you will find here.

February 17th
The ten following Malefactors were pursuant to their Sentence executed at Tyburn: viz. Thomas Hill for counterfeiting the Card stamp, Joseph Leath for the Highway, Peter Rogers for Forgery in a Bill of Exchange, John Burton, alias Appleby, Henry Burrows, alias Cobler, William Clarke, with 3 Jews, Samuel Moses, Aaron Seleit and Joseph M'coy all for Burglaries, and Jacob Cordosa (also a Jew) for breaking out of Newgate. - The four Jews were interr'd in their burial Ground at Mile-end, with their Cloaths on, and the Halters about their Necks.
(Gentleman's Magazine)
About two months ago, Mr. Hart, card-maker, in Red-lion-square, lost a bank note of 50l. and the person that found it, sold it to a Jew in Chequer-yard in Whitechapel, for 27l. but Mr. Hart having got some intelligence of the affair, caused the Jew to be apprehended last Tuesday, and brought before the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor, when his Lordship obliged him to pay the remaining 23l. otherwise he would have sent him to Newgate.
On Thursday evening a Jew was taken at Whitechapel Mount, and confined in the Roundhouse, for returning from transportation before the expiration of his time. A vast number of Jews having assembled yesterday about the Roundhouse threatening to take him out, the Officers were obliged to send to the Tower for a party of the Guards to conduct him to New Prison.
Yesterday a Jew was taken into custody for defrauding a Gentleman of 10l. by putting off a forged note, pretending it to be a bank note: It was worked off with a copper plate, and so well executed, that it was difficult to distinguish the fraud.
Thursday, January 21
This day, during the dreadful storm, the wall of Mr. Pugh's warehouse on Dowgate-hill, being unsupported, fell against an adjoining house, and nearly demolished it. - In the height of this hurricane, as a hearse was going out of the yard of the Flying Horse, Lambeth-street, Whitechapel, to receive the corpse of a Jew in the neighbourhood of that place, the wind that was confined in the yard, by the opening of the gate, forced the horses and carriage to the opposite side of the street, besides tearing the gate to pieces, and forcing the pantiles, from several parts of the house and stabling.
(European Magazine)
JEWS' HOSPITAL, Mile-End, for the Support of Aged, and the Education and Employment of Youth. - The ANNIVERSARY DINNER of this Institution will be held on WEDNESDAY the 26th Instant, at the City of London Tavern.
His Royal Highness the Duke of SUSSEX, Patron, in the Chair.
Samuel Samuel, Esq. President
Isaac Keyser, Esq.   Peter Salomons, Esq.
Aaron Asher Goldsmid, Esq.   Isaac Selig, Esq.
Hymen Cohen, Esq.   Philip Goodman, Esq.
Solomon Cohen, Esq.   Abraham Hort, Esq.
Judah Cohen, Esq.   Samuel Joseph, Esq.
Daniel Eliason, Esq.   Michael Myers, Esq.
L.A. Goldschmidt, Esq.   Robert Smith, Esq.
Henry Grey, Esq.   Isaac Selig, Esq.
Dinner at Table on Five o'Clock precisely.
In Tommy Thompson, the killing cove, of Whitechapel, keeping a little Jewess of the seed-shop, Great Dover street, but what does he mean? will he not marry the girl? Have a care, my hearty, we know two or three of your monkey tricks, or you will have a poke from our umbrella. How about the blue-eyed maid in Petticoat lane?


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