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This web site consists of a Catalogue of all known types and varieties of English Medieval jettons, and five other sections giving relevant information. The Catalogue, or information section, can be browsed by clicking on one of the buttons shown below.

English Medieval Jettons were made during the reigns of Edward I, II and III . There are many crudely made examples that may be later, but If manufacture continued into the reign of Richard II no evidence has, so far, been found. The great majority would appear to have been made at the London Mint, starting soon after its 1279 move to the Tower of London, with the compact series of groat sized pieces (catalogue series 1a) presumed to be the earliest. These may be contemporaneous with the short lived (1279-82) groats of Edward I. Penny sized jettons were produced from about 1281 (based on the use of punches made for pennies of Fox classes 3 and 4 and continued into the early part of the reign of Edward III. From about 1344 coinage punches ceased to be used and instead jettons were made in two basic sizes, often with religious legends.

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