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Index to articles in the East London Record.

Issue Year Article Author Keyword 1 Kevword 2 Area
1 1978 A Friend In My Retreat: Family Life in Bromley St. Leonard
Between the Wars
Kingsley Royden Childhood Reminiscence Bromley St. Leonard
1 1978 The Coal Heavers Of East London C Kerrigan Coalheavers Work East London
1 1978 Richard Newman Of Mile End New Town 1778-1792 Bernard Nurse Gentry Biography Mile End
2 1979 Tower Hamlets 1888 William Fishman Poverty Social History East London
2 1979 Hopping Down In Kent Ellen Kemp Hop Picking Holidays East London
2 1979 1832 Cholera Epidemic In East London Robert Mcr Higgins Disease Medicine East London
2 1979 Some East End Ballads A Robinson Songs Leisure East London
3 1980 The Cameras Eye: Photographing Tower Hamlets 1855-1939 Bernard Nurse Photography Leisure East London
3 1980 Achievers In The Ghetto Irving Osborne Children School East London
3 1980 A Poplar Childhood Lilian Hine Childhood Reminiscence Poplar
3 1980 Concertinas In The Commercial Road:
'The Story Of George Jones
Frank E Butler Instruments Music Stepney
4 1981 Memories Of Bethnal Green Francis Le May Childhood Reminiscence Bethnal Green
4 1981 Popular Beliefs About Witches R Higgins Witchcraft Religion East London
4 1981 The Mile End Air Election Of 1916 H David Behr Election Politics Mile End
4 1981 The Road To Transportation Ralph Bodle Convict Crime Shadwell
5 1982 Women In Politics Elizabeth Vallance Women Politics East London
5 1982 Memories Of The Isle Of Dogs 1912-31 Minnie Skeat Childhood Reminiscence Isle Of Dogs
5 1982 The Story Of Limehouse Alfred French Seafarers Shipping Limehouse
6 1983 Memories Of Bethnal Green 1935-1945 Joyce Ayres Childhood Reminiscence Bethnal Green
6 1983 Joseph Priestley In Clapton 1791-94 Michael Gray Writer Biography Clapton
6 1983 The British Xylonite Company Ltd of Homerton A J Wait Plastics Factory Homerton
6 1983 Hard Up And Happy Jim Stuart Childhood Reminiscence Poplar
6 1983 The Democratic Revolution In The Company Of Thames
Watermen 1641-2
Christopher O'Riordan River Work River Thames
6 1983 H J Glover: High Class Lemonade: Celebrated Ginger Beer Mike Sandow Drinks Manufacture Shadwell
7 1984 Around The Bandstand D Greenhalgh Childhood Reminiscence Bethnal Green
7 1984 St. Paul's Industrial School Burdett Road C J Lloyd Training School Poplar
7 1984 Faccini's Barrel Organ Dep        
8 1985 Hop Picking In The 1930s D Freeman Hop Picking Holidays East London
8 1985 Hackney Waterworks K Fairclough Health Work Hackney
8 1985 Records Of The Poplar Pension Fund I A Baxter Seafarers Charity Poplar
8 1985 Memories Of Spitalfields S Diamond Childhood Reminiscence Spitalfields
9 1986 The Imperial, Canning Town C Demarne Theatre Leisure Canning Town
9 1986 Vanished Church, Vanished Streets: The Parish Of
St. Saviour's Hoxton
John Harwood Church Religion Hoxton
9 1986 Mile End Old Town And The East India Company D B Morris Seafarers Shipping Mile End
10 1987 Childhood Memories Of Bethnal Green George E Bishop Childhood Reminiscence Bethnal Green
10 1987 The Rise And Fall Of The Bow And Bromley Institute G P Moss Club Leisure Bow
10 1987 Transport East Of London Bridge After 1825 E F Clark Railways Transport East London
10 1987 From Ben's Limehouse Ben Thomas Childhood Reminiscence Limehouse
10 1987 C & R Light Ltd, Cabinet Makers Of Shoreditch John Light Furniture Manufacture Shoreditch
10 1987 The Jewish East End Celebration H David Behr Jewish Celebration Stepney
11 1988 George Howell - Trade Unionist And Reformer Harold Finch Politics Biography Bethnal Green
11 1988 Memories Of Canning Town C Heffer Childhood Reminiscence Canning Town
11 1988 Notes On The Agapemonites M H Brooks Church Religion Hackney
11 1988 Jane Randolph And Shadwell C Ernestine Maitland Politics Biography Shadwell
12 1989 A Bethnal Green Childhood Sam Vincent Childhood Reminiscence Bethnal Green
12 1989 The Story Of The Old Five Bells Rosemary Taylor Temperance Religion Bromley St. Leonard
12 1989 Anglo Catholic Socialist Clergy In East London 1870- 1970 Kenneth Leech Socialism Religion East London
12 1989 Discovery In The East End David Herbert Leaback Chemical Biography Shadwell
13 1990 Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton Bt.1786-1845 Harold Finch Politics Biography Bethnal Green
13 1990 Dick Turpin In Hackney Clifford Gully Convict Crime Hackney
13 1990 Mainly The High Bob C Chisnall Childhood Reminiscence Poplar
14 1991 Journeymen Bakers In Mid-Nineteenth Century East London Edwin Dare Breadmaking Work East London
14 1991 19th Century East End Children As Pavement Entertainers John Ramsland Childhood Work East London
14 1991 The Knights Templars In Hackney Clifford Gully Medieval Religion Hackney
14 1991 On The Isle Of Dogs Ellen Rae Childhood Reminiscence Isle Of Dogs
15 1992 The Bethnal Green Tube Disaster Doreen Kendall War Family History Bethnal Green
15 1992 A Childhood In Bow Vi Short Childhood Reminiscence Bow
15 1992 The Ingles Of Limehouse Fred Wright Family History Biography Limehouse
15 1992 Satan, Suffragettes And Salvation Valerie Given Politics Religion Limehouse
16 1993 Memories Of Malmesbury Road Schools 1919-1925 Vi Short Childhood School Bow
16 1993 The Volunteer Militia Companies Clifford Gully Soldiers War East London
16 1993 Juvenile Streetsellers And Traders John Ramsland Childhood Work East London
16 1993 Beyond The High Bob C Chisnall Childhood Reminiscence Poplar
18 1996 The Victory Parade Of 1946 Doreen Kendall War Celebration Bethnal Green
18 1996 George Webster Ltd - Horse Contractors And Carmen Sue Winter Carmen Biography Bow
18 1996 Down The Ground (Bow Cemetary) Bradley Snooks Graves And Names Burial Grounds Bow
18 1996 Agricultural Holdings, East And West Ham W Bran Tyler Land Work East/West Ham
18 1996 Childhood Days In Hackney And Abbey Lane George Berry Childhood Reminiscence Hackney
19 1998 Bethnal Green's 'Sailor-Taylor' (James Bedford, 1845-1904) Harold Finch Politics Biography Bethnal Green
19 1998 George Lansbury and the Bow and Bromley by-election 
of 1912
John Shepherd Politics Suffragettes Bow & Bromley
19 1998 Arthur Morrison Stan Newens Literature Poverty East London
19 1998 The Simple Life At Essex House in Bow, CR Ashbee and
the Guild of Handicraft
Rosemary Taylor Design Handicrafts Mile End
19 1998 Drinking in Mile End in 1750 Derek Morris Public Houses 18th century Mile End
19 1998 Tunnel Vision - Blackwall Tunnel 1897 - 1997 John Harris Engineering Traffic Poplar
19 1998 Terror at Wenlock Brewery Stephen Sadler World War Two The Blitz Shoreditch
17 1994/5 An East London Business E J Erith Factory Building Trade Bow
17 1994/5 Old Canning Town Ivy Alexander Childhood Reminiscence Canning Town
17 1994/5 A Short History Of The Youth Service In Tower Hamlets Harold Finch Childhood School East London
17 1994/5 Hackney Schoolboy Football In The Thirties Les Jolly Sport Childhood Hackney
17 1994/5 Status Seekers In A Grand House: 21 Stepney Green C J Lloyd Medical School Stepney