Puzzle Jugs

Puzzle jugs go back to medieval times but seem to have become particularly popular in the 18th century. The number of spouts can vary from one (typified by Donyatt slipware) to six (or more) on Nottingham or Derbyshire products. The majority of sprigged puzzle jugs are from Derbyshire as they don't seem to have been popular with London potteries. I illustrate a number of typical examples.

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Nottingham 18th century
(Nottingham Castle Museum)

Denby c1840

Chesterfield c1840, Walton?


Chesterfield c1840, Oldfield?

Chesterfield 20th century, Barker?

Bristol? c1850


Donyatt 1836
Salisbury Museum

Buckley? 1880

West Country? 1876