Sprigged Inkwells

Sprigged inkwells are reasonably common but offer few clues as to their origin. I have never seen one with the name of the pottery and dated examples are rare. In addition they vary widely in size. They were not offered by Doulton or Stiff in their 1873 catalogues and I suspect that most were made in Derbyshire. The sprigs are our best clue to their origin and I offer a few suggestions below.

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Denby? 1824. Toby sprig matches that used on early small jugs.

Denby? Denby used the same rose sprig as a handle terminal.

Denby? 1844 dated example recorded.

S & H Briddon? sprig very similar to one used on neck of a Briddon marked jug.

Knowles or Pearson, sprig seems to match neck sprig used by my unidentified maker 4.

Unknown maker, London?

Unknown maker, Derbyshire?

Unknown maker, Derbyshire?

Unknown maker, Derbyshire?