Doulton Copied

By the 1880s the Doulton “figured jug” seems to have been such a good seller that it was being copied by many other potteries. High quality saltglazed stoneware copies were usually marked with their makers names to avoid “passing off” claims. The Aller Vale Pottery located between Torquay and Newton Abbot made copies in brown saltglazed stoneware and in a more typical Devon red clay. These were unmarked but can be attributed by comparison with marked products from that factory. There were also many fairly crude slip cast copies, invariably unmarked.

In addition to the above close copies, one of the late 19th/early 20th century Brampton potteries (Barker? Pearson?) used white Doulton copy sprigs on their typically Derbyshire shaped grey glazed stonewares.

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Fulham (Cheavin), 1 pint

Port Dundas, Glasgow, 1 pint

Thomas Smith, Old Kent Road, 1 pint

Probably Price Powell Bristol, 1 pint

Aller Vale, Devon, half pint, saltglazed stoneware

Aller Vale, Devon, half pint, red stoneware, lead glaze

Slip-cast mug, pleasant pale green, maker unknown

Slip-cast mug, lead glaze, crabstock handle. Jugs and other shapes also seen. Maker unknown

1906 dated half pint jug. Chesterfield/Brampton, Pearson?