Unidentified Maker 3 - Kishere, Mortlake ?

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Variant sprigs that appear on a series of small jugs, mustards and tankards - examples shown below.
Variant A – short legs, variant B - long legs, variant C - bar between feet. All three are found on mustard pots that share so many sprigs as to make a common manufacturer almost certain.

Variant A

Variant B

Variant C

Variant C is found on a number of Kishere marked items, all dated in the 1840s.

I am now convinced that all three variants are from Mortlake. No Kishere marked mustards have been recorded and the not uncommon Unidentified 3 nicely fills the 1820s to 1840s gap (some earlier mustards can be identified as Mortlake, being miniature versions of regular Mortlake jugs). Variant 3 must be the last as the Kishere Pottery closed around 1843 but it is unclear which of variants 1 and 2 came first assuming they were not both in use at the same time. See below for an album of examples using sprig Unidentified 3. The Kishere sprig moulds may have been acquired by James Stiff who started his own pottery around 1842, and see below for two examples with the same variant 3 sprig.

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