London County Council - Painting in the Tate/National

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A rainy day Q8.JPG (52779 bytes) A River Scene R1.JPG (42649 bytes)
All hands to the pumps R2.JPG (52899 bytes) Napoleon on board the 'Bellerephon' R3.JPG (58594 bytes)
Off Valparaiso R4.JPG (38113 bytes) Pool of London (The) R5.JPG (46048 bytes)
The Avenue, Middlehornis, Holland R6.JPG (49765 bytes) The Hay Wain R7.JPG (52652 bytes)
The North-West Passage R8.JPG (45924 bytes) Thursday S1.JPG (45991 bytes)
Victoria Regina S2.JPG (53489 bytes) Weeding the Pavement S3.JPG (58546 bytes)