London County Council - Nursery Rhymes

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A tired lion lay sleeping P5.JPG (46860 bytes) Aesops Fables, Dog & Horse P6.JPG (41936 bytes)
Beauty and the Beast P8.JPG (56680 bytes) Chickety Pickety My Black Hen
Hush-a-bye-baby Q1.JPG (46709 bytes) I had a little pony, his name was Dapple Grey P7.JPG (51070 bytes)
Little Boy Blue Q2.JPG (33021 bytes) Mary had a little lamb Q4.JPG (42949 bytes)
Pied Piper (The) of Hamelin Q5.JPG (51406 bytes) Puss in Boots Q6.JPG (58119 bytes)
Tom, he was a piper's son Q7.JPG (44692 bytes)   Where are you going to, my pretty maid? Q3.JPG (37222 bytes)