My name is Jed Falby.

I am writing a story of the Flying Bombs (Doodlebugs) and V2 rockets on London. Malcolm at Tower Hamlets Local History Library has been a great help but I would like to obtain some more personal memories or family history of this first new "robot" attack. In particular I am trying to find information on the very first V1 (Doodlebug) attack which hit Grove Road, Bow at 04:25 am on 13 June 1944. This attack killed several families asleep in their beds at that early morning hour. Among the casualties was 19 year old Mrs. Ellen Woodcraft and her 8 month old son Tom. Tom's father was Tom Woodcraft serving with the army in France in these first days after D-Day. (In a sad footnote I believe he survived the war losing his wife and son at home).

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Jed Falby


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