Great Seal of Ireland


James I - 1603 to 1625


Charles II - 1649 to 1685


Charles II - From Medals, Coins, Great-Seals, Impressions from the Elaborate WORKS of THOMAS SIMON, Chief Engraver of the Mint.


Oliver Cromwell - 1655 to 1659

The inscription translates as
 'Peace is won by war'
A view of Dublin is shown
below the protector's horse.


Anne - 1707 to 1715 (Post Union of the Kingdoms)

The seal side presumably identical to the English Seal.
The Irish harp relaces the Rose and Thistle on the English version.


The seals of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V are shown below. They are identical to the English designs, with the exception of the Harp of Ireland replacing the Trident of Great Britain at the bottom of the counterseal. The very small crowned Irish Harp on the George V Great Seal is also shown in greater detail. I wonder if anyone observed that the seal showed 'Ireland under the jackboots of the King'.

Queen Victoria - 1837 - 1899 - 6.2"


King Edward VII - 1904 - 1912 - 6.2"


King George V - 1912 - 1930 - 6.2"


Detail of counterseal showing the Harp of Ireland under the King's boot


On the creation of the Irish Free State (1922) a new Great Seal was created for Northern Ireland. Also, in 1923, a seal was created for Southern Ireland, with King George on the seal and the Harp of Ireland on the counterseal. The image of King George V was only removed when Ireland became a republic (1937).

King George VI - 1937 - 1948 - 6.2" (Northern Ireland)


Counterseal of the Irish Free State (1923 - 1937)


Counterseal of the Irish Republic/Eire (1937 - ?)