Bow Road and Gladstone Statue.

Almost all the structures on the left side of this post card published by Charles Martin in about 1910 still survive. The pub just to the left of the lamppost was the Three Tuns only “flatted” a few years ago. The Gladstone statue erected in 1882 and the monument just inside the churchyard still look the same. The church of St Mary suffered severe damage in World War 2 but was repaired in 1952. Everything to the right of the card has been demolished and rebuilt as a housing estate. The imposing building at the extreme right was the Eastern Empire Theatre. In later life this became the Regal Cinema. If someone can identify the bus company operating the bus in the foreground we would be pleased to know. Although the printer has retouched the image it doesn’t look like a L.G.O.C. bus. Note the tram tracks near the traffic island - travellers heading west had a much better choice of routes than nowadays.