Jigsaw puzzle from D & W Gibbs, soap and toothpaste manufacturers. David Gibbs soap works was founded in 1712 and remained in the City of London until 1889 when the factory was destroyed by fire. They bought the Wapping soap works of Paton & Charles and remained at 105-107 Wapping High Street until the blitz of 1940/41. Gibbs became part of Unilever (date unknown but possibly in the 1920s and the name still survives in the Elida Gibbs Division created in 1960 to handle Unilever’s person care products. Gibbs were one of the earliest companies to aim a health campaign at children. As part of their Protect your Ivory Castles campaign they produced many games and even an animated film (1923). This is number 4 “Defeat of Giant Decay”, what were the others? Gibbs Dentifrice was a tooth powder sold in tins, the well known Gibbs SR tooth paste was introduced in 1932.