Cabinet size photograph (about 1900) of one of Henry Bell's shops. Described as an oilman, the nearest modern equivalent would probably be the Robert Dyas chain. In 1902 Bell had shops at 115 and 226 Green Street (now part of Roman Road), 40 Whitehorse Lane, 184 Brick lane, 174 Globe Road, 212 and 263 Roman road, 34 Cable Street and 29 Lyal Road (all within the current borough of Tower Hamlets). The back of the photograph says it is copied by J Pitt & Son of 213 Bethnal Green Road. This dates the copy between 1884 and 1903. All we can say about the location of this particular shop is that it is not the head office (115 Green Street) otherwise they would not have needed to show that above the window. A number of the shops are still listed in 1934, although by then they are owned by Mrs Catherine Bell (widow?).Note the row of wash boards at 5 shillings each to remind us of times before washing machines and laundrettes.