Newsletter 2014 - Volume VIII - No. 17.

An Overview of 17th Century Tokens, by Robert Thompson 5
65th Annual General Meeting 14
The Mint of Thessalonica in the Late Roman and Byzantine Period, by Anthony Portner 15
Members’ Own Evening 23
Weighing Coins, by Howard and Frances Simmons 28
Counterfeiting in Roman Britain, by Hugh Williams 37
Chemical Dimensions of Numismatics, by David Goodall 47
The Local Copper Coins of Iran and Afghanistan, by Tony Holmes 56
Mostly Made in Europe: Medieval Jettons Used in Britain, by Philip Mernick 59
The British Association of Numismatic Societies 60th Anniversary Congress at Greenwich, 5-7 April 2013, by Anthony Gilbert 63
CLUB AUCTION RESULTS, by Anthony Gilbert 68
Robert Seaman (1935-2013), by Julia Seaman 70

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