Newsletter 2012 - Volume VIII - No. 15.

Refreshing Change: Tokens and Drinking, by Gerry Buddle 5
Annual General Meeting and Club Cheese and Wine Party 17
A Numismatic Quiz 18
Members’ Own Evening 21
London Signs and Tokens, by Robert Thompson 32
The Coins of Ecuador, by Michael Anderson 40
The Frome Hoard and what it has to tell us about hoarding in Roman Britain, by Roger Bland, OBE, FSA 51
How the Portable Antiquities Scheme has revolutionised our understanding of Roman coins, by Sam Moorhead, FSA 64
A Glance at the Popes, by Tony Holmes 72
CLUB AUCTION RESULTS, by Anthony Gilbert 80
Eileen Margart Atkinson  
Roman Coins and Their Values. IV. The Tetrarchy and the Rise of the House of Constantine, AD 284-337. David R. Sear (reviewed by Peter A. Clayton)  
Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles. 61. The Herbert Schneider Collection. Vol. 3. Anglo-Gallic, Flemish and Brabantine Gold Coins 1330-1794. Peter Woodhead (reviewed by Anthony Gilbert)  
Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles. 62. The Norweb Collection, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750. Part VIII. Middlesex and Uncertain Pieces. R.H. Thompson and M.J. Dickinson (reviewed by Peter A. Clayton)  
Lions, Ships and Angels. The Galata Guide to Identifying Coin-weights found in Britain. P & B.R. Withers (reviewed by Peter A. Clayton)  
ANSWERS to the April Meeting Quiz 93

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