Newsletter 2005 - Volume VIII - No. 8.

Tokens, Medals and the Law, by Philip Rueff 5
Ancient Coin Counterfeiting, by Ken Peters 10
Members’ Own Evening 31
The Circulation of Silver between 1697 and 1817, by Gary Oddie 31
British Lead Tokens. by David Powell 37
Papal Portraits, by David Sellwood 50
The Coinage of the Severan Family, by Edmund Redfern 50
Having Fun with Junk Boxes, by Anthony Holmes 56
AUCTION RESULTS, by Anthony Gilbert 59
History Re-Stored: Ancient Greek Coins from the Zhuyuetang Collection. Andrew Meadows and Richard C. Kan.  
The Tribes & Coins of Celtic Britain Rainer Pudil and Clive Eyre  
The Counterfeit Coin Story. Two and a Half Thousand Years of Deception. Ken Peters.  
Irish Small Silver: Anglo-Irish Coins. John-Edward VI. Paul and Bente R. Withers.  
Kruger Pond Imitations. Paul Withers.  

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