Newsletter 2004 - Volume VIII - No. 7.

Roman Portrait Gold, by David Sellwood 5
Roman Coins and Greek Culture in the 3rd Century BCE, by Andrew Burnett 8
19th Century British Colonial Tokens in the Far East, by John Roberts-Lewis 10
Members’ Own Evening 13
Numismatic Life after Boulton, by Richard Doty 17
Some Archaeological Ladies: A Medallic and Archaeological View, by Peter A. Clayton 29
Papal Portraits, by David Sellwood 29
Salome - Fantasy, History and Coins, by Michael Anderson 32
Communion Tokens, by David Powell 44
The Greeks in Bactria (Northern Afghanistan) and their Successors, by Joe Cribb 58
AUCTION RESULTS, by Anthony Gilbert 72
The Coinage of Roman Britain. Richard Reece.  
Romano-British Coin Hoards. Richard Anthony Abdy.  
Tokens & Tallies Through the Ages. Edward Fletcher.  
Guide to Conservation for Metal Detectorists. Ken Peters.  

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