Newsletter 2003 - Volume VIII - No. 6.

The Vikings and Their Coinage, by Gareth Williams 4
The Royal Maundy and Maundy Coins, by Roy Liddell 11
Roman Countermarked Coins, by Ian Roper 22
Recent Coins Finds in Cambridge, by Martin Allen 26
Pictures on Coins, by Tony Holmes 27
The Trouble with Piles, by Dave Greenhalgh 31
Members’ Own Evening 32
The Malayer Hoard of Greek Coins in the National Museum of Iran, by Andrew Meadows 37
The Image of the Emperor on Byzantine Coins, by Barrie Cook 39
AUCTION RESULTS, by Anthony Gilbert 57
BANS Annual Congress, Belfast 2002:A Report, by Anthony Gilbert 59
Letter to the Editor, from D.L.F. Sealy 64
Obituary: Denis R. Cooper, by Peter A. Clayton 65
The History and Coinage of the Roman Imperators 49-27 BC. David R. Sear.  
Roman Coins and Their Values. Vol. 2. Nerva to the Overthrow of the Severan Dynasty, AD 96-235. David R. Sear.  
Romano-British Coin Hoards. Richard Anthony Abdy.  
The Farthings and Halfpennies of Edward I and II. Small Change I. Paul and Bente R. Withers.  
The Halfpennies and Farthings of Edward III and Richard II. Small Change II. Paul and Bente R. Withers.  
British Copper Tokens, 1811-1820. Paul and Bente R. Withers.  
Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands. Spink.  
Mussolini's Medals. David Weimer.  

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