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For Coin, Token, Banknote and Medal collectors in the Hornchurch, Romford and Upminster area


January 6th Pam Williams - Trunk call with a difference
February 3rd AGM followed by a short talk from Stuart Adams
March 3rd Buy, Sell and Swap evening
April 7th Bob Williams - Napoleon uodate
May 5th Megan Gooch - Coins and Kings: the mint at the Tower of London
June 2nd Ben Allsop - The City money gallery - history of the world in 1500 objects
July 7th Quiz
August 4th Phil Mernick - Billies and Charlies
September 1st Bob Thomas - Theodore Veale VC
October 6th Stuart Adams and Jeff Saward - Geonumismazes
November 3rd Members exhibition
December 1st Christmas Social