Bethnal Green Maps

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2008 Modern Map
1950 Plan from Bethnal Green Borough Guide
1882 Reynolds', 'London and its Suburbs'
1875 W.H. Smith and Sons Plan of London
1864 Wyld's New Map of London
1853 Cross, 'Cross's New Plan Of London'
1844 Wyld, 'New Plan of London'
1840 Davies, 'London and it's Environs'
1831 Cruchley, 'New Plan of London'
1828 Carey, 'New Pocket Plan of London Westminster and Southwark'
1809 Mogg, 'London in Miniature'
1805 Ordnance Survey, the secondsheet issued (The Essex Map) **
1802 Fairburn, 'London and Westminster'
1801 Ordnance Survey, the very first sheet issued (The Kent Map) **
1800 Thomas Milne, 'Land Use Map of London & Environs'
1745 Rocque
1703 Gascoyne
** The 1801 Ordnance Survey map seems crude, in comparison to the other maps, because it is enlarged from an area only 2.5 inches across.