May 31st 1987

Tower Hill - Int. Panels

'Limehouse Causeway' - (Westferry)

'Limehouse Causeway Stn.' (Westferry)

'Limehouse Causeway - Unit 2'

'Conjunction of Old & New Viaduct Limehouse'

'New Viaduct opposite Westferry'

'Interchange of Westferry'

'West Ferry Quay Station'

'West Ferry Quay Station'

'Substation at Westferry Quay Stn.'

'Looking West' (Canary Wharf & Heron Quays Stations)

'Westferry Dock Bridge, Looking S.E.' (Canary Wharf & Heron Quays Stations)

'Westferry Dock - looking East. Trawler at Billingsgate (far left)'

'Looking East, East Quay Stn. Westferry Dock' (Canary Wharf Stn.)

'Canary Wharf Stn.' (Poplar Station!)

'Canary Wharf Workshops - DLR Poplar'