July 14th 1987

‘Old & renewed work at Limehouse Viaduct, from Poplar Dockside’

‘1 piece span at Mill Place E14, from Poplar Dockside’

‘Limehouse Viaduct, from Poplar Dockside (No. 2 on test)’

‘Poplar Dockside, Limehouse Viaduct’

‘Bridge over Poplar Dock’

‘Limehouse Viaduct towards St. Annes Church, Poplar Dockside’

‘Limehouse Viaduct, Double Span at North End Rotherhithe Tunnel’

‘Limehouse Station from Rotherhithe Tunnel Approach’

‘Approach to Shadwell Station from East Place’

‘Entry to Shadwell Station’

‘Entrance to Shadwell Station’

‘Shadwell Station’

‘Shadwell Station’

‘Old and New Viaduct at Cannon Street Road’

‘Stepney Viaduct from Barnardo St.’

‘Limehouse Viaduct joining Stepney Viaduct’

‘Refurbished Bridge at Barnardo St., Stepney Viaduct’

Limehouse Viaduct from Barnardo St.’

‘New Reinforced Bridge at Cannon Street Road’

‘New Concrete “Bed” structure alongside original Stepney Viaduct (From Cannon Street Road)’