July 2nd 1987

“Limeharbour Viaduct with Crossharbour Stn. Approach”

“Crossharbour Station”

“Bridge, West Side, Crossharbour Station”

“No. 10 approaching Mudchute Station”

“Viaduct and Bridge over East Ferry Road - Mudchute”

“Bridge, North Side, Mudchute”


“Mudchute Passenger Stairs”

“Mudchute Station”

“Lift Housing at Mudchute”

“Mudchute Station”

“Mudchute Station - Long View” Viaduct'

“New Formwork ‘Married’ to old L.B.R. Brickwork at Mudchute Approach”

“No. 8 on test, old L.B.R. Viaduct”

“New Bridge, E. Ferry Road, Island Gardens Station”

“Triangular Beam construction of E. Ferry Road Bridge, Island gardens Station”

“Island Gardens Station, West Elevation”

“Island Gardens Station”

“Island Gardens Station”

“Island Gardens Station, Main Approach”

“Island Gardens Station, Approach”