The Early Months

The photographs on this web site are taken from a series of photographic albums acquired by the author. The most interesting images are shown here in chronological order. The identity of the photographer is currently unknown, but assumed to be someone involved in the construction of the railway. The comments, when shown in quotes, are those written on the original photographs. Move the cursor over any small image to view an enlarged version.

The period covered by the photographs is the five months preceding the Public Opening on August 31st 1987.


The images of DLR ephemera were mostly collected by this site’s authors. Thanks to James Scantlebury for contributing extra items. The ephemera covers the period from the first proposals to the current time.

When DLR expansion starts again, there will be, no doubt, many more items to add.

This site has been created by East London Historians for non commercial informative purposes only. Some of the illustrated ephemera may show material that is copyright of the DLR. No copyright is claimed for any material on this site.

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