The ‘Rose of Ramsgate’ is a fold-out circular souvenir card showing views of Ramsgate,Margate and Broadstairs. It was produced by C. Adler’s Printing Establishment of Hamburg, Germany. It was distributed in England by Joseph Myers and Co. of 144 Leadenhall Street, London. The name ‘Rose of Ramgate’ appears on one of the engraved sailing boats in the wide Ramsgate view. The name ‘Rose of Margate’ appears on one of the engraved sailing boats in the wide Margate view. The majority of the images show Ramsgate. The name of the engraver, James Gray, is also shown on a cart, and faintly in the background.

Internet research has produced little information, except that a very similar card was produced for Australia. See LINK here. The Australian card is attributed to 1860-1861. This is in accord with costumes illustrated in the Ramsgate card.

The ‘Rose of Ramsgate’, when closed, shows a chromo-lithograph of a rose. Areas of the card are punched out to silhouette the rose.When fully unfolded there are eight segments containing small engraved views. The punched out areas provide a pattern bordering each segment.

The first three images on this page illustrate how the card is folded. The last two images show each side of the card. You may click on any of the small images to pop-up a window showing greater detail. Close the pop-up window to return to this page.

The Rose in it’s fully folded form.
The Rose folded to quarter size.
The Rose folded to half size.
The Rose (side 1) unfolded to full size.
The Rose (side 2) unfolded to full size.