It is commonly thought that during the General Strike of 1926, no newpapers were published. This is very far from the truth. Not only did many newspapers appear in a truncated form, but many people, and institutions, with access to a duplicator, printed primitive 'News Bulletins'.

The primary, and most trusted, source of news were News Bulletins on the wireless. The BBC had, prior to the strike, deliberately refrained from broadcasting news, in deference to the newspaper industry.

Viewable in this website are two archives of ‘Wireless News Bulletin’ scripts. The first archive would seem to have been intended for broadcast from the ultra long wave transmitter at Rugby, for onward transmission to the the Dominions. The second archive seems to have been intended to supply 'Official Government' news items for broadcast by the BBC. The scripts were supplied to the BBC and incorporated with news from the Reuters Agency. The scripts were compiled by the official government publicists, Charles Barker and Sons, and so were not, in theory, supplied by the 'Government'.


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