Don't hide your coins away. Display them where everyone can see them. A Coin Tie Pin is a great way to display an interesting coin, and is a fine conversation starter.

A popular coin to top a tie pin is a Spanish, or Spanish Colonial, Half Esudo gold coin. This small coin is the gold equivalent of the silver Dollar or Peso. This example has a coin of Charles III of Spain minted in Madrid in 1786.

This example has a Half Esudo coin of Ferdinand VII minted in Madrid in 1817, shortly after the restoration of the Spanish monarchy following the final defeat of Napolean Bonaparte.

A small Gold twenty five Kurush coin of Turkey minted in 1912.

An ancient Gold (Electrum) Stater of Carthage circa 350 BC.

This Tie Pin is topped with a George III Maundy Penny.

Going up in size this Tie Pin is topped with a Jubilee Sixpence coin.

Going up in size again, this Tie Pin is topped with a Shilling coin of George IV dated 1826.

Getting silly now, this Tie Pin is topped with a Two Shilling Diamond Jubilee coin of Queen Victoria.