T. Smith Dates

Key Dates

1836 (Pigot), Potter, Princes Street , Lambeth.
1838/9 (Robson) Brown Stone Potter, 72 Princes Street, Lambeth .
1848 (Kelly) Chemical apparatus manufacturer, 72 Princes Street, Lambeth.
1849 Chemical apparatus and stone drain pipe manufacturer, 72 Princes Street, Lambeth.
1850 71&72 Princes Street & Old Ford, Bow (named as Albion Pottery, Old Ford in 1852 only).
  Described as Brown stone ware potter, terra cotta, filter, chemical apparatus and tubular drain pipe manufacturer, & patentee for the automaton or self acting water closet.
1855        Listed as Mrs Mary Ann Smith (wife?), 71&72 Princes Street & Old Ford, Bow.
1856-66 Listed as Thomas Smith again (son?), 71&72 Princes Street & Old Ford, Bow.
1867-94 Thomas Smith & Co. White & Brown stone Potters, Canal Potteries, Old Kent Road.
  The pottery was located on the west side of the Grand Surrey Canal to the north of the Old Kent Road.
1895-1904? Canal Pottery continues as Hosea Tugby & Co.

Mentioned by Derek Askey, Stoneware Bottles, 1998
1860 reference to Executors