Caledonian Pottery

Other than snuff jars the only marked sprigged item I know of is the giant jug in Glasgow Museum. Figure 1: Height 57cm (22.5 inches) it is marked WILM. MURRAY JNR CALEDONIAN POTTERY GLASGOW 2 NOVEMBER 1828. It features many sprigs that can also be seen on various unmarked items. One of these is the signature Scottish sprig of three men sitting at a table Figure 2. It has three large sprigs that can be found on the two jugs, Figures 3 and 4. Figure 5 lacks the large sprigs but is clearly from the same source as 3 and 4

In my opinion, a number of smaller items can now be attributed to Caledonian Pottery through links with a cottage sprig (and possibly others, I am still working on it) found on the giant jug. They include the 1820 dated tobacco jar illustrated by Askey (page 136) and Browne Muggs (page 122).

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figure 1

figure 2

figure 3 - 8 pints

figure 4 - 6 pints

figure 5 – 4 pints

This 12 pint jug has many finely detailed sprigs and a variant of the three men sprig (two are wearing hats). It is also likely to be from the Caledonian Pottery