Doulton 'Old Style'

Five sizes were offered on a 1930 price list: ½, 1, 1½, 2 and 3 pints, but a 4 pint is also known. A few examples have been noted with the first Royal Doulton mark (lion above crown) but most have the later mark (without crown) and most also carry the model number 8830 or X8830. They are very close copies of older London made jugs - Stiff (half to 2 pint), Vauxhall (1 and 2 pint) and Fulham (3 and 4 pint) all with Stiff handle sprigs plus a half pint with a mixture of Stiff and Vauxhall sprigs. There are two different versions of the small jugs so the same may apply for the larger sizes.

The production of these "old style" jugs is likely to have been at the suggestion of Joseph Mott, Doulton's art director from 1897. He is known to have been a collector and some of his items are illustrated in Blacker's A.B.C. of English Salt Glaze stoneware (1922). The two pint jug shown below is copied from a jug (in my collection) with impressed mark Patrick Vauxhall and a paper label reading J.H. Mott (presumably the one illustrated by Blacker on the plate facing page 118).

Royal Doulton also produced a "Leopard Skin" range copying 17th & 18th century wares. This copy of a (presumed) Mortlake jug may be from that series and was based on a jug in H. L. Doulton's collection (Blacker, facing page 122). Click button for copy and original.

Multicoloured examples (model number 8563) have been recorded in a number of sizes. Quality is very variable. click button for 2 pint example.

Click on any of the images below to see details of the different sized jugs.

½ pint

1, 1½ and 2 Pint
1 and 2 Pint
3 and 4 Pint