Denby Dates

The pottery was founded in 1809 and is still in existence.

Key Dates

1806  Deposit of clay found at Denby, site leased to William Bourne, owner of a
pottery in Belper.
1809  Joseph Jager builds a pot works on the site.
1812  William Bourne takes works over from Jager and puts his son Joseph in charge.
1823  Death of William Bourne.
1841  The firm becomes Joseph Bourne & Son (Joseph Harvey Bourne).
1860  Death of Joseph Bourne.
1869  Death of Joseph Harvey Bourne, his widow Sarah takes over the running of
the pottery.
1898 Death of Sarah. A new partnership of two nephews.
1907 Joseph Bourne-Wheeler sole proprietor.
1916 Becomes a Limited Liability Company.
1959 Acquires Langley Mill Pottery (previously J. Calvert & Son and then Lovatt & Lovatt).
1981 Taken over by Crown House plc
1987 Purchased by Coloroll.
1990 Bought back by management, trading as Denby Pottery Company Limited.
1994 Floated
1999 New management buyout
2014 Offered for sale by owners Hilco
2016 ?????