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The British Association of Numismatic Societies is the national organisation which represents numismatic societies throughout the United Kingdom. It exists to promote the study of numismatics by bringing these societies and their members together to share and increase their interest and expertise in coins, tokens and currency.


What else does BANS do?

How do you contact your nearest numismatic society?

Please see the societies page! Alternatively, you can obtain details of your nearest numismatic society by letter, fax or e-mail to the BANS Secretary.

There's no society near you?

Why not get together with interested friends and set up a numismatic society in your area? The BANS Secretary would be very pleased to give you advice on how to go about it.

Your society isn't on the BANS list?

Your society would greatly benefit from being affiliated to BANS with its useful services and interesting events. Perhaps you could suggest that it makes an application. The BANS Secretary will be glad to give you details.

Can any numismatic society join BANS?

Any numismatic society is most welcome to apply for affiliation. To ensure that the high standards of BANS are maintained, an applicant society has to agree to accept the rules of BANS and to submit a copy of its constitution for approval by the Executive and AGM of the Association.

Are you a young collector?

Do join your local BANS affiliated numismatic society! You will find experienced collectors who will be glad to help you. BANS makes grants to recommended junior members of affiliated societies to attend its congresses and lecture courses, and can help them to acquire books for study purposes.

UK Numismatic Trust

Readers will probably be aware that the UK Numismatic Trust, established in 1985, encourages and supports numismatics in the United Kingdom through the award of small research grants to individuals. Less well known is its support for numismatic conferences, colloquia and seminars in the UK, and it is particularly keen to hear from the organisers of such events.

Please request an application form from the Secretary, Bill Pugsley, at the following email address:

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