Explanation of 'Comments'.

'D' or 'ND' indicate descriptive text, or no descriptive text.
Colour (Black, Mauve, Red) gives colour of text.
Printer is shown, if known.
Distinguishing features.

The Code, Set Name and Comments, taken together, should uniquely identify each set.

Click on any of the 'codes' to view images of all identified cards in set.

Code SetName Comment
XB-CATSP Cats ND - Red
XB-DOGS1 Dogs D Brown , photos - Gambier Bolton
XB-DOGS2 Dogs - Animal Studies D - Brown , photos - Gambier Bolton FZS
XB-DOGS3 Champion Dogs ND - Red
XB-LONDN London D - Brown - photos
XB-PALAS Palaces D - Brown
XB-TREES Trees ND - Brown , photos
XB-WARSH Warships D - Brown , photos
XB-ZOOAN Zoo Animals D - Brown , photos
XB-ZOOSR Zoo Series ND - Black , photo


A number of LCC sets were issued in the 1950s. These sets have blank backs and can only be identified if they come in the original envelope. An image of the envelope is shown instead of the reverse of the card.

Code SetName Comment
XC-ALPIS Alpine Scenes D - Black
XC-BIOLY Biology D - Brown
XC-BIRDE Birds & Eggs ND - Brown , Tuck (signed R J Wealthy)
XC-BIRDF Birds & Eggs ND - Brown , Tuck
XC-BIRDL Birds & Eggs D - Black, Tuck , Large issue 223 x 177 mm
XC-BRITS British Sights D - Black , photographs
XC-BRITV British Views D - Brown , paintings , Tuck
XC-BUTTM Butterflies / Moths D - Black
XC-CASTL Castles D - Brown , photographs
XC-CHILD Childrens Stories D - Brown
XC-COLS1 Colonial Series 1 D - Brown , Paintings
XC-COLS2 Colonial Series 2 ND - Brown , paintings, Colonial Office
XC-COLVT Colonial Views ND - Brown , Tuck oilette
XC-DICKN Dickens D - Brown
XC-EUROV European Views D - Brown , photos
XC-FISHT Fish ND - Brown , Tuck oilette
XC-FLWRS Flowers D - Brown , Gainsborough
XC-FOWLS Fowl ND - Brown/Black
XC-INNSC Inns of Court & Chancery D - Brown
XC-KITTS Kittens Blank
XC-LONDN London Churches ND - Brown , paintings
XC-LUMBT Lumbering Scenes ND - Brown - Tuck
XC-NURSR Nursery Rhymes/Stories D - Brown , series 23236
XC-PAINT Paintings in the Tate/National Gallery ND - Brown
XC-PLNT1 Plants Series 1 ND - Brown , plants named
XC-PLNT2 Plants Series 2 ND - Brown , plants un-named
XC-PLNT3 Plants Series 3 ND - Brown, un-named groups of plants
XC-PLNT4 Plants Series 4 ND - Brown, Plants and insects
XC-RAILW Railway Engines Series 1 D - Brown
XC-RAIL2 Railway Engines Series 2 ND - Brown , Tuck
XC-SCIM1 Exhibits in the Science Museum Blank
XC-STRAT Stratford-On-Avon ND - Brown - 2633
XC-SINGL Singletons Various