2 July, 1912

(Education Committee report)


     49. - The Council on 28th March, 1911 (p.747), approved a revised scheme for the award of medals in elementary schools. We find that in the administration of the revised scheme a hardship exists in the case of pupils who, having gained seven medals under the old scheme, would have gained an eighth (silver) medal, had the basis of award been attendance only, as formerly. The new regulations, which provide for the award of not more than six medals in each class to those pupils who have been most deserving of recognition in respect of conduct and industry, in addition to attendance, preclude some of these pupils from gaining a silver medal. We are of the opinion that, for the educational year ended 31st March 1912, these pupils should be awarded, under the conditions of the previous scheme, an eighth (silver) medal on the basis of attendance only.

     The number of pupils affected is about 200, and the additional cost involved would be about £60. It is not anticipated that the adoption of our proposal will result in vote No. 100 of the annual maintenance votes 1912-13 being exceeded. We recommend -


        (a) That the operation of regulation No. 2 (a) of 28th March, 1911 (p 747), be suspended in order that the following recommendation (b) may be dealt with.

          (b) That, for the educational year ended 31st March 1912, medals be awarded, on the basis of attendance only, to those pupils who would, under the previous scheme for the award of medals, have gained an eighth (silver) medal.