14 December, 1910

Report of the Books and Apparatus Sub-committee.
Matters for determination by the committee.
Designs of attendance medals.

     2. - The Committee on 30th November, 1910 (p 1048), resolved -

            That, in the opinion of the Education Committee, school attendance medals for the year 1911 should bear the effigy of His Majesty King George V.; and that the name of the medal should be changed from the  "King Edward VII." to the "King George V." medal; that the General Purposes Committee be asked to take the necessary steps to obtain His Majesty's gracious consent; and that the Council be recommended accordingly.

     We understand that the general Purposes Committee have already taken preliminary steps in the matter and, in order that the wishes of the Committee may be carried out without undue delay, it is essential that the design of the new medal should be prepared at once. In this connection we have considered offers from firms of medallists together with a suggestion that the Council should invite competitive designs and offer a premium for the best design.

     We have consulted the Council's special art examiner, Sir George Frampton, R.A. and we understand that Mr. Frank Ransom would be willing to execute a design for the obverse of the medal, under the supervision of Sir George Frampton, for the fee of £25.  We have seen specimens of Mr. Ransom's work and we are of the opinion that he should be commissioned to execute the design. We may mention that Mr. Ransom was formerly one of the Council's art scholars.

     We also desire to negotiate for the purchase of a design for the reverse of the medal at a cost not exceeding £5. We suggest that the Committee should empower us to approve the designs of both the obverse and reverse and to forward them to the General Purposes Committee.

     Provision for the expenditure involved has been made in vote No. 100 of the annual maintenance votes, 1910-1911. We recommend -

        (a)        That Mr. Frank Ransom be commissioned  to prepare a design for the obverse of the proposed King George V. medal; that the Books and Apparatus Sub-committee be authorised to approve the design and to forward it to the General purposes Committee; and that expenditure not exceeding £25 be sanctioned therewith.

        (b)  That the Books and Apparatus Sub-Committee be authorised to purchase a design for the reverse of the proposed "King George V." medal and that an expenditure not exceeding £5 be sanctioned therefor.