The purpose of the issue of Attendance and Good Conduct tickets is, so far, unknown. A small number have been located, but no mention has been found in the minute books. There are indications that their issue was linked to the award of Reward Cards, Certificates and Prizes.

The 'Tickets' identified, so far, comprise:

The only documented indication of the use of these tickets comes from two Reward Cards of the LCC 'Fowls' series, that have written on the back 'for 5 red tickets'. Clearly large numbers of these tickets were printed; as the first SBL issue, dated 1895, indicates a print run of 1 million tickets.

Images of the various tickets tickets, and the written annotations are shown below.

First SBL attendance issue. Print date of 1895.
Second SBL attendance issue. Undated
Second SBL issue.  Dated 1897 on back.
SBL excellent work and conduct issue. The date 1905 written on the back indicates that this issue ran on into the early LCC period, at least.
LCC attendance issue. Dated 1915 on the back.
Indication that five of the LCC tickets were exchanged for this reward card.
Variations. Differences in paper thickness and colour. Also, slight differences in the engraving.