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Musician Mustards

Jug with Putti

Mustard pots sprigged with three putti must have been very popular as many survive. I don’t know when they first appeared (possibly as early as the 1850s) but they continued in production until the end of the 19th century and maybe into the 20th.

At first I thought that they were all the same but closer examination revealed that there are in fact four putti with three different versions of one and two versions of another two. I have seen late (post 1870?) versions of the putti on salts, pepperettes and cream jugs but nothing larger. Other than mustards I have only seen early versions of the putti on one small cream jug.

The mustard pots come with three handle terminals which helps put them into some sort of date order, click button to view terminals.

Some of the later examples are also marked either with DOULTON LAMBETH in two lines or the early oval mark. Click button to view putti